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The progress in the medical field has increased the survival rates of patients diagnosed with any critical health condition. However, battling with a severe health condition can overwhelm one with financial burdens. Times like these do not come with prior notification. It is wise to prepare for them in advance with plans like Critical Illness Insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

This Insurance product provides financial coverage when the policyholder is diagnosed with a severe medical condition. One can receive the tax-free amount in a lump sum on the diagnosis.

This insurance vehicle comes with the options of Term or Permanent Insurance. The difference between both of them is that the Term insurance covers the plans for a specific period. On the other side, Permanent insurance can provide coverage till the death of the policyholder.

How Does it Work?

After the diagnosis of health conditions that this insurance vehicle covers, the holder receives the lump-sum amount. With it comes a survival period of 30 days. Depending upon the plans you choose, you can get the coverage accordingly. Some severe illnesses might not come under critical health conditions. However, if you are diagnosed with it, you might still get the payment of 30%. The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association listed 26 common health conditions in its Benchmark Definitions in 2018. However, these illnesses are not the only health events that can be covered in the policies. Before we can go ahead with the plans, here is how we would sub-categories the health conditions.


This can include Benign Brain Tumour and Cancer with life threats.


This category can cover Stroke, Heart Attack, Heart Valve Repair, Aortic Surgery, and Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.


It covers the conditions such as Kidney Failure, Major Organ Transplant, and Major Organ Failure (Waiting).


This section can comprise Parkinson's Disease, Bacterial Meningitis, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Motor Neuron Disease.


Under this category, one can get coverage for Blindness, Coma, Acquired Brain Injury, Deafness, Severe Burns, Paralysis, Loss of Speech, Loss of Independent Existence, and Loss of Limbs.

Apart from them, Critical Illness Insurance can also cover claims for Occupational HIV Infection and Aplastic Anemia.

Why choose Xoro Life for Critical Illness Insurance?

A healthy body is the most essential asset one can own. To keep it functioning in the same way, you must be ready to deal with any catastrophic conditions. Critical health conditions, being one of them, can be dealt with by the right plans at the right time. At Xoro Life, the insurance agency in Vancouver, we can simplify making it for you. We offer:

Revised Plans for the Best Prices
Less Paperwork and Formalities
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Frequently Answered Questions / FAQs
One can claim a life insurance policy after the death of the policyholder. However, with critical illness, one can make a claim after the diagnosis of a severe health condition.
Disability insurance may not provide a lump-sum coverage and give reduced monthly benefits, many of which can be valid for a specific time.
Yes, the premiums can increase after every ten years till the termination of the coverage. This is because the possibility for several health conditions increases with age.
Yes, the coverage from illness recovery plans can cover a terminal illness. However, it would require you to survive for a month after the period of diagnosis.
Yes, there is, but it would require your partner to be less than 65 years of age. He or she should meet the approval requirements made by the insurer.
A Critical Illness Insurance plan can have coverage lasting till 65 years of age.

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