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Prepare for the times we wish you never have to face!

Thanks to the weather forecast, we can predict the rains and storms in advance. However, nobody can foresee unexpected life events, but one can still prepare for them. Even though alternatives like life insurance exist, what if one finds himself in a tough situation? That is when Disability Insurance comes into action!

As the term describes itself, Disability insurance refers to the insurance plans for protecting yourself from the effects of disability. Disability can be a physical or mental state that can hinder the senses, moments, or activities. There can be several reasons, including a mental illness, injury, or other severe issues for the short-term or long term. On encountering a situation like this, Disability insurance can replace the section of the income that one can not earn.


What is Disability Insurance?

Who can take the advantage of Disability Insurance?
  • A business leader underwent a traumatic accident, which brought him Post Stress Traumatic Disorder.
  • A dentist met with an accident, causing a broken arm and an injured neck.

Irrespective of how hard one tries, it is not easy to avoid several events. It can not only lead the victim from an injury but also get the burden of income loss. That is where Disability insurance can safeguard you. 

As described earlier, it can replace the earnings lost because of a disability. Usually, it can cover a section from 60-85% of the regular earning to the most amount for a particular time in many situations. This can include both when you cannot work temporarily or have lost your capability to work forever, owing to an illness or an injury. For entrepreneurs, it can cover several expenses of the business as well.

Types of Disability Insurance

There are two kinds of Disability Insurance:

Short Term

This type of policy covers temporary coverage. The benefit period for the same can be somewhere around 3-6 months.

Long Term

This form of disability policy works for a longer period, which can even go until the age of 56, depending upon the plan you choose.
How can you apply for disability insurance with us?

How to get Disability Insurance with us:

  • Request a Quote:First of all, you need to understand which plan suits you the best. You can share your details on the left side of your dialogue box and request a quote. 
  • Understand the plans:After learning about the types of plans available and their requirements, you must know which one is best for you. For this, we will advise you on the best insurance plans for you. 
  • Apply with documents:Don’t worry about the paperwork, we will take care of that too. However, you will have to submit the application, details such as financial or medical information. 

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If you are the one paying the entire amount of the premium on your own, you can get tax-free benefits. However, if it is your employer paying for the premium, the disability benefits that you'll receive, it will be subject to the taxes.
To calculate your Disability insurance, you have to multiply the income left after taxes by the estimated number of months for which you are looking for coverage. However, you must consider several other alternatives, including lifestyle, employment status, family, and dependents.
You can cover either Employer-Funded plans or Group Insurance Plans. When it comes to qualifying for them, most Canadian citizens are not qualified for short-term disability. This makes it wise to check your eligibility with your employer. You can discuss it with your employer or insurance service provider.
These plans cover a specified group of people with something in common. Its purpose is to secure a group with an insurance plan. It can include an organization and employer. These plans can sometimes cover the benefits of short-term disability. However, before drawing the bottom line, you must talk to a professional.
Travelling for reasons like seeing the doctor or visiting markets for essentials can be accepted as the travel requirement. On the other hand, you must avoid events like going on a vacation or anything less important. However, there is no specific rule for not moving.
You can either purchase Long-term Disability insurance on your own or through your employer with a Group Disability insurance policy. Long-term insurance can provide you benefits in the long term, which can go up to the age of 65 years.

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