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Also known as the land of Niagara Falls, Canada is a nation favoured for pursuing higher education by several international students. After entering Canada, every day will be different for you. Undoubtedly, you will get great exposure in terms of your career. However, when in a foreign land, how do you think you will safeguard your health?

The answer is with Student Insurance!

As the term gives a glimpse, Student Insurance or Student Health plan revolves around special health coverage designed to cover the medical expenses of international students.

Health Care In Canada
Canada offers healthcare facilities for its citizens and permanent residents. However, the rules of healthcare can be different depending upon the province you reside in. Some of them cover healthcare for international students. However, in others, foreign students may have to register for other insurance plans.

In conditions when you are not eligible for any healthcare or do not have any insurance, you might end up paying from your pocket. Even though it is a necessity, a healthcare service can be expensive. If it is a medical emergency, you might end up paying thousands of dollars. Not just this, but many colleges and universities in Canada have made Health insurance for students a compulsion.

What All Can a Student Health Insurance Provide You?

Owning a Health insurance plan can cover the expenses of medical services, including ambulance, hospital stays, prescribed drugs, and a percent of costs on dental care. It can also cover paramedical services, trauma counselling, diagnostic services, medical appliances, and psychiatric treatment.

How can you Apply for Student Health Insurance?

We understand and appreciate the ambitions that have brought you to another country. Being a student, the processes involved in insurance can be time-consuming for you. That is why we strive to make you avail of it without having to break a sweat. With Xoro Life, the insurance agency in Vancouver, here is how the process of getting student insurance will look like:

  • Requesting a Quote: The first step for availing health insurance is asking for a quote. However, if you find more questions in the way, tell us! Resolving them will be our first step and the priority.
  • Understand the plans:
    After you have reached us, we want you to learn the nitty-gritty of the plans you choose. Along with it, our professionals will guide you about the plans that can suit you best.
  • Finalize your plans:
    After becoming well versed with your plan, the next and final step will be completing all the requirements. For this, we will go for the paperwork at your end. Understand the plans 

After becoming well versed with your plan, the next and final step will be completing all the requirements. For this, we will go for the paperwork at your end. 

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Frequently Answered Questions / FAQs

Health insurance in Canada can be different and slightly expensive depending on the plans you choose. However, paying the medical bills without it can turn out to be more expensive. All in all, Health insurance is equal to an investment that will bring a return in the form of reduced medical costs.
As they are called minor issues, any drugstore can help you with the solution for the same. Even pharmacists can recognize and recommend over-the-counter medicines for it. However, you should not ignore your health concerns, and if enclosed by other symptoms, do not wait for the condition to worsen and seek medical help immediately.
It is necessary to go for pre-authorization to ensure coverage and validate payment terms. This will require you to submit the pre-authorization request form before any planned surgery or hospitalization process. At Xoro Life, we will take care of the rest!
Canada's Provincial health care provides emergency care, basic care, and preventive medical services. Several provinces extend healthcare services for International students as well, but others don't. Also, even if you are eligible for Provisional healthcare, it might not cover all the expenses. That is where Students' Health insurance can be your rescue.

As you are new to the country and opting for Health insurance, we consider it our responsibility to guide you right. Considering all the necessary factors, we will guide you about the plans that can suit you the best.

Medicare Service Plan is a must-have for everyone residing in British Columbia and following the Act. Even International Students, who have come with a valid study permit of six months to a year, hold the eligibility for Medical Service Plan.

Are you looking forward to resolving your queries? Look no further! We, at Xoro Life, will take care of it!

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