Universal life Insurance


Financial protection for the family with tax advantage investing

Universal life insurance is a policy that offers lifelong protection as well as lets you invest and build your wealth. It is one of the most affordable and flexible insurance products available that covers you for life. Universal life policy combines permanent life insurance protection for lifelong peace of mind with a wide range of investment account options for tax-preferred saving growth. you can choose a guaranteed death benefit and the payments you make above the cost of premiums can grow in a tax-preferred savings account. At Xoro Life, we provide a flexible solution that offers the security of lifetime coverage and tax-effective investing to protect your loved ones and assets. 

Lifetime Coverage

Universal life insurance is designed to provide permanent coverage for life as well as protects your assets and pass them on to beneficiaries.

Tax-Advantage Investing

A portion of your premium purchases the insurance, while the rest earns interest that is tax-free while it is in your policy.

Access to Funds

Throughout your entire life, you can access the funds in your policy to supplement your income in retirement or during a time of illness.
What can you do with Universal Life Insurance Plan?

Your financial needs will not always be the same. Today, you may be looking for simple, permanent protection, but what if we say that you have the option to enhance your coverage in the future. That is possible with the universal life insurance plan. The policy lets you:

Leave a tax fee amount for your loved ones.
Build cash value you can access later.
Help protect your mortgage.
Benefit from higher returns on managed accounts.
Add to your retirement income.

If you are ready to buy universal life insurance, or have any queries, speak to our insurance advisor.

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          Why Choose Xoro Life for Universal Life Insurance?

          At Xoro Life, we help you find the right universal life insurance quotes and policies in Canada. We offer you plans where you can choose premiums that increase annually or choose to pay insurance costs that do not increase. 

          Best low quotes
          Tax-deferred growth
          Wide selection of investment options
          Low management fee
          Guaranteed rate enhancement on managed accounts
          Coverage starts at CAD 50,000 or CAD 100,000 depending on the options chosen.

          Talk to our insurance advisor now for the finer details. 



          You can apply for our universal life insurance if you are a Canadian permanent resident/citizen, landed immigrant who has been living in Canada for more than 12 months. People aged 0 to 85 can apply for the universal life policy.
          When you pay the universal life premium, a portion of the amount is deducted to pay for the insurance and the remaining amount is put in various investment account options you have chosen. You can decide to put the amount in accounts like savings, GICs, index funds, bond funds, stock funds, and more. You should choose the investment account based on your risk tolerance and financial objectives. The money in your investment account can be used for future savings or pay your premiums.
          The cost of universal life insurance varies based on how much coverage you want and your age, gender, and health. For instance, if you are a male aged 30 and a non-smoker, your coverage amount is CAD 400,000 and the universal life premium will cost CAD 200/month. If you are a female aged 30 and a non-smoker, your coverage amount is CAD 400,000 and the universal life premium will cost CAD 180/month.
          Universal life insurance is for individuals who want insurance that lasts as long as they live and can afford the premiums. It is also for people who want a tax-advantaged investment. The policy can be used for your financial goals, take care of any final expenses or taxes, pass on to your family or donated to a charity when you die. However, the premiums are higher. Yes, universal life insurance is right for you if you can fulfill the prerequisites.
          There are two other major kinds of permanent life insurance, term 100 and whole life insurance.
          Term 100 is not a form of term insurance, but it lasts until you pass away after age 100. The premiums are less expensive than universal and whole life insurance, but you need to pay premiums until you turn 100. Also, the policy doesn’t build a cash value. Whole life insurance is participating life insurance offering permanent life insurance protection.
          Universal life insurance offers various advantages like coverage lasts for the entire life, you can use money in the policy to take a premium holiday, access the money to supplement your retirement income or illness, and savings accumulate on a tax-free basis passed on to your beneficiaries.
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