Whole Life Insurance


Financial protection for family plus a source of cash

Whole life insurance plans offer permanent life insurance protection that comes with fixed level premiums that are payable for a given number of years. It is an insurance contract that has both an insurance and investment component. The insurance pays a tax-free stated amount to the beneficiaries upon the death of the insured while the investment component accumulates a cash value that the policyholder can withdraw and use for any purpose they want. Unlike term life insurance that covers you for a specific duration of time, whole life insurance offers you coverage for the entire life and has a higher premium as well. Including whole life insurance in your financial plan saves the frustration down the line. At Xoro Life, we provide flexible whole life insurance plans allowing you to choose the insurance coverage that is right for your needs.

Tax-Free Death &

In the event of the uncertain demise of the policyholder, your beneficiary receives a tax-free benefit of the amount.

Protection for Life

Whole life insurance is designed to protect your entire life and provides protection to the family as well.

Guaranteed Premium

The premium rate is set for the entire tenure of the policy and does not increase or decrease throughout the policy.

Why Consider Whole Life Insurance?

For many years, millions of people have turned to whole life insurance to meet their life insurance needs. It offers various benefits to the policyholders. 

Cover your financial expenses.
Avail tax exemption
Serves as a source of cash.
Replace your lost future income in case of your demise.
Minimize the impact of taxes on other taxable assets.
Leave a financial gift in your name.

Why Choose Xoro Life for Whole Life Insurance?

At Xoro Life, we help you find the best whole life insurance quotes and policies in Canada that are customized as per your needs. When you purchase a whole life insurance policy from us, you get: 

Best low quotes
Flexibility to access cash value or provide coverage for final expenses.
Guaranteed premiums payable for 10 years, 20 years, or to 100 years of age.
Performance bonus that increases the death benefit and cash value.
Option to make additional payments above required premiums, and much more.

Talk to our insurance advisor today for the finer details. 


FAQs on Whole Life Insurance

Besides providing coverage for the entire life, whole life insurance offers you various other benefits that set it apart from other life insurances. The premium is fixed for the entire duration of the policy, has an insurance as well as investment component, provides cash value or CSV that grows the longer you have the policy, provides economic security to the family after your death. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to the expert at Xoro Life now and get the insurance you need.
Whole life insurance is permanent insurance offering you protection for your entire life. The premiums stay the same and offer tax-free benefits to your family. Whole life insurance is best for individuals who want simplicity, know they want life insurance for the rest of their lives and can pay the premiums as they are high. On the other hand, term life insurance offers you protection for a certain number of years (10 to 30 years), and the premiums are generally lower than whole life insurance.
Whole life insurance cost is a bit higher than term life insurance because the payout is guaranteed at the end of your life and there is a saving component to the policy. The cost is also determined by your age, coverage plan, gender, and health. To get the right cost estimate, speak to our expert today.
There are various types of whole life insurance available.
Life Pay Whole Life Insurance – This covers you for the entire life with a built-in savings component.
Limited Pay Whole Life Insurance – It too covers you for your entire life, but you only pay premiums for a set amount of time.
Participating Whole Life Insurance – In this, the policyholders receive dividends annually on the premiums they give to their insurance provider.
Non-Participating Whole Life Insurance – The policyholders do not receive dividends and thus premiums are guaranteed, level, and generally lower.
You can pay your whole life insurance premiums monthly or annually. However, some insurance policies entail you to pay premiums throughout your life, also called life pay policies. Some policies enable you to pay your entire premium within a limited number of years.
You can easily buy a whole life insurance policy at Xoro Life, the best insurance agency in Vancouver. Fill in the form below and our experts will get in touch with you helping you choose the best whole life insurance policy for your needs. Get a quote today.

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