You have read our words, read what our clients have to share!

It’s always a joy to hear that the work I do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experience.
I really loved how you guys simplified the whole concept of health and dental insurance to me. Luckily I reached you guys at the right time. Lately, I had to undergo some oral treatments, which was not burdening financially after being secured. Thank you!

David Russell

Managing Director, Rui Communications
For all these years, I was always dependent on my Dad for processes like insurance because I always found them to be boring. But when I turned 21, he asked me to handle things on my own as I’m an adult now. Thank you guys, I could handle them properly now!

Moe Ammar

President, Pacific Grove
I was excited and scared at the same time when coming to Canada for my degree. Being in a foreign land, I was completely new to the concept of student insurance. Luckily I chose the right people who simplified the entire process for me. And now I’m secured with the costs of medical emergencies, without any complexities.

Jody Hansen

Director, Visit Carmel
We can’t decide what life has next for us. But we can decide the people who can be there for us. I was battling depression, and at that stage, I didn’t have to worry about finances at all. One of the staff members with whom I had a conversation said to me, Ma’am, take care of your health and recover soon, we are taking care of the rest!

Jeff Adams

Managing Director, Rui Communications
My mom wanted to give all her time to us, and so she chose to become a homemaker. Unfortunately, after my father passed away in an accident, she had to play both roles. I was just 13 then. But, my father had his life insured with Xoro Life policies, who got all the formalities done without any complexities. My mom is trying to balance things for me, and just like my Dad, she has chosen Xoro.

Bill Yates

President, Pacific Grove
My husband is a Canadian, and I’m an Indian. When we had our first child, all the things were so confusing because it was too overwhelming. Plus, I was away from my parents as well. It was then we thought of calling my parents to stay with us for some time. For the formalities, these people at Xoro Life didn’t even make us wait for anything!

Amy Herzog

Director, Visit Carmel